Monday, May 1, 2017

Welcome to the Malibu Healing Center

The Malibu Healing Center offers a sanctuary to those who seek quality personalized care from a variety of therapeutic modalities.  As an adjunct to their present health programs our clients can experience the benefits of integrating the best of both Western and Eastern Medicine.

The practitioners at the Malibu Healing Center are an innovative, interdisciplinary health and wellness team.  We work both individually and collaboratively to facilitate our patients’ understanding of the complex interactions between the mind, body, spirit and environment.  We are committed to facilitating the optimum health of everyone in our care.


•  Oriental Medicine

•  Acupuncture

•  Herbal Remedies

•  Nutrition/Weight Loss/Detoxification

•  Naturopathic Medicine

•  IV Therapy/Vitamin Injections

•  Physical Therapy

•  Reflexology

•  Massage Therapy

•  Organic Skin Care/Medical Aesthetics

•  Eyelash Extensions

•  Aromatherapy


•  Psychotherapy


•  Reiki